Zi Yuan, A Spring Stroll 字園遊步, 2021
performed in Voedseltuin Rotterdam, first presented by MOMO Create & Perform

Foreshore 漫步潮閒, 2020
music video for musician YenTing Lo

Moving Drawings, 2018

Narrative Rooms, 2017online screening on Theia during IFFR

Yi, Er, San, Si (One, Two, Three, Four), 2018
 screening in ‘Excavating Empathy’ at TENT Rotterdam

The Stage After, 2017

The Shining Matter, 2017

Void Ambience #01 Dream_waves, 2017

Meet the Mountains, Pinlin Taipei, 2014a site-specific sensory tour/workshop by DesignAct in Taiwan

Folding as Drawing, 2014

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