Foreshore 漫 步 潮 閒

A series of paper miniatures presenting the research on narrative with light, shadow and their movements.

Year  |  2020
Type  |  paper sculpture, music video
Material  |  paper in kinds, light & shadow in movements

Official music video for the song ‘Foreshore’ from YenTing Lo’s album ‘Epiphyllum’ 

“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.”

One splits into a new dimension as the strings start vibrating... It is a process of investigating the abstract momentum.
As if streaming through every splits, they dance, wander, seep from a surface into the space of tides.



Developed with subtle gestures upon the minimal paper sculptures, this video interweaves a series of interpretations about the phenomenon among the moon and the tides, the strings and the vibration, the light and the shadow.

Among the melody and the movements, the lyrics and the performance, it's all about the narrative.

Concept Creation / Photography | SzuYi Wang
Editing | YenTing Lo
Production & Performance | SzuYi Wang & YenTing Lo
Special thanks to Ferran Bertomeu Castells

Music / Lyrics / Arrangement | YenTing Lo
Vocal | YenTing Lo
Guitar | Davor Stehlik
Double Bass | William Barrett
Drums | Roope Kantonen
Violin | HuiWen Cheng, WanRu Cheng
Viola | ShihHsien Tsai
Cello | ShengChiun Lin
Recording Engineer | Lex Tanger
Mixing/Mastering | Attie Bauw

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