Moving Drawings

A spatial miniature series tracing light & shadow, time & in-between space through paper drawing - cutting - crafting

Year  |  2018
Type  |  paper sculpture, drawing language miniature
Location  |  each piece of paper
Material  |  paper, light, shadow, time

Exhibited in MIARD 2018 Graduation Show, Rotterdam
“Not only draw on the paper    

            CUT through the paper.”

_Review by Dr. Arch. Ephraim Joris, KU Leuven, during the research process of the drawing methodology.

The project followed the research on the Hanzi xian 閒 (the origin of 間: pronounced as ‘jian’ in Chinese and as ‘ma’ in Japanese), which can be interpreted as space 空間, room 房間, moment 瞬間, and time 時間.

While related to both space and time, the concept of xian 閒 inspired this drawing practice for the development of a spatial approach to the materialization of this Hanzi.

Paper is the canvas. In the film below, each piece is the drawing of the concept of Hanzi xian. Then, the multiple meaning, imagination and interpretation of xian are presented through light and shadow released among the surface, curves, shapes and cuts on the paper.

“It is the light coming with shadow. Then the senses of time and space emerge in between moments and places on every piece of paper.”

It realizes the minimalism and sensibility from the author’s Asian culture in a contemporary approach.

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