Hanzi on the Table 

A research on the writing system ‘Hanzi’, its culture & the principle of the visual formulation; object-photo collages of the spatial-conceptual Hanzi

Year  |  2018
Type  |  object-photo collage
Location  |  on the table & mirror glass
Material  |  photograph, glass, printing, plants

Exhibited in MIARD 2018 Graduation Show, Rotterdam

Language is describing & being discribed; it is reflecting & being reflected.

How do we perceive the language which reflects the way we conceive the world and the understanding? How we materialize our language?

This project aims to opens a different perspective to perceive and conceive the language through social, universal matters/objects.

The table becomes the canvas. The host places, arranges, appropriates and displays the daily objects while engaging with his/her intuition, feels and understanding of language in the daily gestures and behaviours.

The black objects blur their solid shapes, dissolve in the background and yet serve as the intangible language reflect the host as well as the viewers’ inner world.

Language is describing & being described; it is reflecting & being reflected.

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