Narrative Theatre

A speculative design of a consumer’s journey—for those who are both object collectors & storytellers 

Year  |  2017
Type  |  venue design, speculative consumption space
Location  |  the cities, venues & human mind
Material  | digital collages, rendering

“In those theatre venues, everyone is both consumer/audience & storyteller/producer.” They make choices consciously while establishing longer relationships with the objects & extending their life periods.

Thus, the consumption space becomes a series of live venues for collective sharing & expanding the images of the products.

What if a theatre is a consumption place?

On the opposite of the effect of commercial advertisements—which give the images of the ideal rather than real lifestyles—the project adopts the idea of storytelling which evokes every individual's desire in a collective way based on the loyalty and user experience with specific objects.

In other words, the audience here are the storytellers themselves rather than those merely manipulated by illusionary expectation.

In the project, consumers’ illusions are shaped by many of the personal user experience shared among every traveling theatre venues.

Those real experience become the storyline of the movies with the 'customized' posters—which are designed with photo collages and nostalgia posters of classic products such as Olivetti’s typewriter.

The strategy transforms the functions and experience of a (series of) commercial space and aims to provide a new, sustainable consumer’s journey.

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