Interweave the languages between the rhythm & the visual, deliver the spirit of the dreamlike & the real.

In close collaborations with various musicians/sound artists, I work on visuals, album designs, music videos (moving images), portraits, and concert photography for their concepts.  I investigate the philosophy and personality of each artist and interpret the concept behind the music to achieve the musical narrative we’d like to communicate through (more than) visual elements.

In Between The Whispers, musicscapes - S’yo Fang

A dreamy drawing series for S’yo’s exhibition for 2022 SONIC Award, at International Society of Jazz Composers and Arrangers.

Colours were added to elaborate S’yo’s abundant imagination in the layers of his compositions while emphasizing the tensions and flow derived from the dialogues between music & poetry.

The visuals are based on my artwork for the poetry collection «In between the Whispers», which will be released in late 2022.

Artist | S’yo Fang
Project title | «In Between The Whispers» musicscape (part of the poetry collection for the album «I Prefer»)
Design | illustration, visual design by Szu-Yi Wang
Year | 2022

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Sister - Sanne Rambags

Listening, deeply, to the emotion of the sisterhood—which notion can be perceived in a broader sense of the word—in Sanne’s music, I developed the interplay between the pureness of the geometric forms, the textures, and the colours while delivering the soft strength embedded in her voice and lyrics. The visuals subtly respond to the concepts in each of her songs.

A beautiful journey of learning from Sanne’s unique sensibility and energy through her music. I translated those vibes into the artwork and the organization of the texts—like a collection of her personal poetry.

Artist | Sanne Rambags
Album title | «Sister»
Label | SONNA Records
Illustration | Djenné Fila
Design | album design (CD & LP), booklet, printing, EP images by Szu-Yi Wang
Year | 2022

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Life Is Elsewhere - InTrio

Her textless lines themselves are already the journey to elsewhere, which never ends...

The sliver moon changes in its 28-day phases; dandelion seeds float out from their mother. They depart yet do not depart; they loop in the cycle of the universe and the cycle of life. The subtle design, including the curved cut, aims to communicate the timeless yet continuous journey and the clean, airy narrative in her voice and melody.

“Platonic jazz, where you forget time and transcend space, where you make unquestioning friendship with the rest of the world...

It is this alleged weed that symbolizes growth and increasing clairvoyance, as does the 28-day lunar cycle that adorns the inside of the cover, for the washing and waning of human consciousness, actually of the soul life. But staring at the picture we realize that nothing is unfolding, that the crop does not float, and that the moon phases are two-dimensional and do not grow or shrink. It is his hushed snapshots...” (translated from Dutch)
—Storm Bakker, review at Progjazz

Artist | InTrio, YingYing Su
Album title | «Life Is Elsewhere»
Label | SONNA Records
Illustration | Hossam Abu Hashish
Design | album design, printing, EP images, group photography by Szu-Yi Wang
Year | 2021

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Foreshore - Yen Ting Lo

One splits into a new dimension as the strings start vibrating... It is a process of investigating abstract momentum.

As if streaming through every splits, they dance, wander, and seep from a surface into the space of tides.

Artist | YenTing Lo
Project title | «Foreshore» music video
Concept creation, paper sculpture & photography | SzuYi Wang
Editing | YenTing Lo
Production & performance | SzuYi Wang & YenTing Lo
Special thanks to Ferran Bertomeu Castells
Year | 2020

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