Wang, Szu-Yi  王 思 懿

1991, Taichung, Taiwan

With her working experience of urban research—started from Taipei—Szu-Yi Wang (TW) studied in Rotterdam and keeps developing her interdisciplinary practice as an interior designer, artist, and architectural researcher for projects from site-specific to intercultural issues.

Graduated as an artistic researcher, Szu-Yi takes ‘the interior’ as a lens looking into intimate, tender gestures toward spatial subjects rather than limited by its scale & form. Her works are presented in a poetic sense; they are her inquiries into more inclusive relationships between human & nature, space & time, urban landscape & the environment. While contemplating her own culture & background, she condenses her unique sensibility into the development of methodologies and aesthetics. 

Currently based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Szu-Yi develops her works in (but not limited to) the following forms:

_ Inteiror, architectural design & modeling | spatial projects in forms, (im)material & senses
_ Artistic research & cultural narrative | narrative in languages & other cultural encounters
_ Urban research Drifting | ongoing research with strolls; involved in the transformation of the city
_ Origami; craftsmanships | paper folding; object collage; workshops
_ Immersive, (im)material installation | light - shadow, water - air, silence - emptiness
_ Moving drawing | coding, performative art via multimedia

Clients & Collaborators

Motel Mozaïque Festival  /  Parfum de Boemboem  /  TENT Rotterdam  /  Studio MAKS  /  Crafts Council Nederland  /  And all other wonderful creative workers


Inquiries, collaborations, commissions or ideas in any forms, please e-mail to szuyi.sywang[at] or contact +31 6 57695341.

You could also find me on  ︎ szu_yiwang  ︎ szuyiwang

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