Wang, Szu-Yi  王 思 懿

1991, Taichung, Taiwan

With the working experience of urban research—started from Taipei—Szu-Yi Wang (TW) studied in Rotterdam and keeps developing her practice as a spatial designer, artist, and architectural researcher for projects from site-specific subjects to intercultural dialogues.

She takes ‘the interior’ as a lens looking into intimate, flexible gestures toward spatial issues together with Hanzi literature study as her visual-cultural research tool. While contemplating the interplay between translation and transformation, she condenses her unique sensibility into the methodologies, forms, and aesthetics. From writing to drawings, from paper sculptures to light-shadow installations, her works are poetic and narrative; they are her inquiries into more inclusive relationships between humans and nature, space and time, urban landscape & the environment.
Currently based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Szu-Yi develops her works in (but not limited to) the following forms:

_ Inteiror, architectural design & modeling | spatial projects in forms, (im)material & senses
_ Artistic research & cultural narrative | narrative in languages & other cultural encounters
_ Urban research Drifting | ongoing research with strolls; involved in the transformation of the city
_ Origami; craftsmanships | paper folding; object collage; workshops
_ Immersive, (im)material installation | light - shadow, water - air, silence - emptiness
_ Moving drawing | coding, performative art via multimedia

Clients & Collaborators

Motel Mozaïque Festival  /  Parfum de Boemboem  /  TENT Rotterdam  /  Studio MAKS  /  Crafts Council Nederland  /  And all other wonderful creative workers


Inquiries, collaborations, commissions or ideas in any forms, please e-mail to szuyi.sywang[at] or contact +31 6 57695341.

You could also find me on  ︎ szu_yiwang  ︎ szuyiwang

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