Writing In-between the Post Urban 後 都 市 ‘間’ 的 書 寫

(research project in progress)
A speculative research on the typology of the post-urban landscape in Rotterdam. Combined with the developing research methods of Hanzi—its formulation principles & the intuitive visual-conceptual elements regarding spatial narrative.

Year  |  2019
Type  |  spatial poetry & speculative urban miniature
Location  |  Rotterdam urban/suburban areas
Material  |  paper in kinds, reflective matter, light & shadow

The research process was first presented under the theme ‘Liquid’ at Motel Mozaïque Festival 2019, Theatre Rotterdam
“Now I see your model, I can make a work out of it.”

During the Festival I met broeder Dieleman, a performer/artist working with poetry, songs, sound and objects. He once developed a project with music, photograph and a book about Kleinpolderplein.

“I was there... walked around the water... I am always inspired by the nature.”

_diary during MOMO Festival, 2019. 

Below are images of the research in progress & some first phase miniatures.

(images above) research site #1: kleinpolderplein, Rotterdam

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