April, 2022 

Zi Zhu 字築 performs among the weather-related Hanzi sculptures at MOMO Festival 2022!

They flow while performing; in the air, we whisper and imagine the old and new stories...

Zi Zhu 字築
—Breathing with the Wind, Cloud, Rain & Air 湧生的風、雲、雨、氣
with performer Nicole van den Berg & Musician YingYing Su.

Motel Mozaique Festival 2022
Location | Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg, entrance hall
Exhibition | 21 - 23rd April (performance on 23rd, 18h00)
More information here
Zi Zhu: Hanzi building Practice research project is made possible with the kind support from Stimuleringsfonds (Creative Industries Fund NL).

Zi Zhu: presenation at Theater Rotterdam, etrance hall, 2022.

January, 2022

Zi Yuan, A Spring Stroll 字園遊步 is part of the selection in TENT Online Cinema 2022.

How do we form and perform in the air? How do we read and breathe together in the spring? A language could serve as a space for reading and wandering. Resonating with the concepts in Voedseltuin Rotterdam, Zì Yuán (字園, meaning ‘Hanzi Garden’) invites the audience to immerse themselves in the narrative and the performance among the Hanzi sculptures subtly introduced into the harbor garden.

TENT Online Cinema 2022
Link to the screening here
TENT Online Cinema offers Rotterdam-based artists an alternative platform. It welcomes experimental video work in all its forms—narrative or abstract, animation or documentary, conceptual or dreamlike.

A still from the video ‘Zi Yuan, A Spring Stroll’ with performer Nicole van den Berg.

December, 2021 

Zi Xian 字閒 is selected by De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2022! 

The GNKKs (De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender, The Great Dutch Art Calendar) have been a great success for years. In the 10th edition, an entirely new editorial team—consisting of specialists in visual arts, design, fashion, illustration, photography, architecture and graphic design—selects a new, special work every day for 2022. 

November, 2021

Join our conversation at PANT Public #5—Homesick 思鄉病 in iii, The Hague.

To fold, to narrate, to transform and to translate.The way we form and perform is the way we communicate.

PANT Public #5 invites three artists to share their stories: David Verbeek, a Dutch film maker who lives and works in Taiwan. Yi-Ling Hung, a Taiwanese artist who delivers stories through food. Szu-Yi Wang, a Taiwanese designer who tells her story through her unique senses with materials, bringing human and nature/space together.
After their presentations, there will be a panel discussion moderated by Yun Lee.

PANT Public #5—Homesick 思鄉病: storytelling through different media
iii workspace, The Hague
7th November
More information here
PANT (Platform of Artists Netherlands Taiwan) Public is a series curated by Wen Chin Fu and aims to open up discussions to people who are interested in Taiwanese culture from talented Taiwanese artists based in the Netherlands. 
Presentation & one-day exhibition (with Hanzi research sculptures) at iii workspace, The Hague, 2021.

July, 2021

Rings 環 is created for Out Of Office—an intimate neighborhood-based project in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn—and presented in the art walking route this summer.

Rings is a paper sculpture inspired by the intimate interview organized by Mariëlla van Apeldoorn with the local resident—who share parts of the cultural background and language with Szu-Yi. The papercraft is derived from the family relationships and the community life of the interviewee who interweaves her personal achievement with the collective experience. The artwork becomes a narrative form as the artist's interpretation of the lady's telling of life in Leidsche Rijn.

Kunstroute door Utrecht Leidsche Rijn (art walking routehrough Leidsche Rijn), eight different works of art could be found at various locations in the district. Each artwork was created by a different artist, inspired by a story of someone out of work. This gave all the different stories their own image and you could listen to the audio and hear the story behind the artwork.’ 

Out of Office—de out of office wandelroute
Het NUT (Nieuw Utrechts Toneel) 
July - August, Utrecht Leidsche Rijn

Concept & regie: Mariëlla van Apeldoorn
Research: Jordy Roeten & Mariëlla van Apeldoorn
Kunstenaars: Nina van der Mark, Noortje Sanders, Vince Blok, Daan Mulder, Sabine Rovers, Bo Yuan, Szu-Yi Wang, Naomi Nijbroek
Met steun van: Gemeente Utrecht, Fonds Podiumkumsten, Fentener van Vlissingen Fonds, Elise Mathilde Fonds
The NUT in the district: Out of office is a study by Mariëlla van Apeldoorn for the NUT, in collaboration with various artists and makers into the influence of work on identity, status and health. It originates in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, with the people from the neighborhood as the source.
This project tells the stories of people who (currently) do not have a paid job and what effect this has on them. The stories and experiences serve as input to tell a bigger story about the working person. In July 2021, this resulted in an art walking route through Leidsche Rijn, where eight different works of art by different artists could be found at various locations in the district using a map. Later, the performance Het ambitieuze verhaal van een niet-werkende (millennial vrouw professional), the first in a planned series of NUT neighborhood projects, is the theatrical representation of this first artistic research in Leidsche Rijn.
Rings (one of the duo) presented at the entrance of Pathé Utrecht Leidsche Rijn, 2021.

April, 2021 

Zì Yuán, A Spring Stroll with Szu-Yi Wang & Nicole van den Berg at Voedseltuin Rotterdam in the breezes

Breathe in, breathe out
The rain comes with its endless drops
It waters the groves, refreshes our minds
It loops in the gardens and softens our city
Absorbed, retained, and given back to the needs of our plants and the planet

All breathe together, in and out...

(The text is extracted from Chapter 2: Living with the Cloud, Rain & Air 雲雨气. Read the full poems here.)

The ancients observed the relationships between the sun and the trees, the creatures and the environment in order to understand the universe—the time, the season, the weather, the operation of the world…
In Zì Yuán, the sculptures of the language indicate the way they READ the world through the original meaning of each Chinese character—depicting its micro narrative.

Zì Yuán: A Spring Stroll 字園遊步
—with performer Nicole van den Berg & cinematographer Nino Kennis
MOMO Create & Perform
23 - 24th April, Voedseltuin Rotterdam
The research is kindly granted by NCAF National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan.

Zi Yuan, during an improvization exercise with performer Nicole van den Berg, at Voedseltuin Rotterdam.

January, 2021 

Poet Amara van der Elst encounters Zi Xian in TENT with her words and movements

Watch the video about how Amara van der Elst, among the six rotterdam poets, responds to the exhibition and artworks with their poetry forming a growing dialogue about the linguistic reality of Rotterdam.

This expo has questioned my answers and answered questions. I now realize how fluid and transient language is...—Amara van der Elst

(Read more in the interview from the series Dichters over de taal van de stad on TENT Rotterdam.)

Wat ik je nog wilde zeggen - video sequence

TENT Rotterdam 
Gedicht: Amara van der Elst | Organisatie: Paginagroots | Beeld: Elyssio Ramos | Muziek: Eetieeetds
A still from the video sequence of the exhibition ‘Wat ik je nog wilde zeggen’. Poet: Amara van der Elst. Image: Elyssio Ramos.

October, 2020 

‘The Form/Rhythm In Between’—a series of performing paper sculptures presented during Virtual Dutch Design Week 2020!

A musical dialogue between light and shadows, the patterns of the string melody and dynamic languages of paper sculptures. 

More information on DDW2020

The Form/Rhythm In Between
Dutch Design Week 2020
17 – 25th October
The exhibition narrates the delicate cooperation as well as material dialogues between the spatial artist/photographer Szu-Yi Wang and the musican/composer YenTing Lo in their collaborative project, the music video ‘Foreshore 漫步潮閒.’

October, 2020 

Zi Xian is invited to be presented in a site-specific form during the whole exhibition ‘Wat ik je nog wilde zeggen’ at TENT.

Language can help us make sense, provide space, or act as an invitation but it can also disrupt relationships, hinder, or hurt. Language can establish connections, but sometimes it puts us up against each another.

‘Wat ik je nog wilde zeggen’ is an exhibition about the poetry and the power of words; about shifting meanings, misconceptions and deception; about losing and finding words. 

Wat ik je nog wilde zeggen (What else I wanted to tell you)
TENT Rotterdam
17th October 2020 - 7th March 2021
The project is initiated by city poet Dean Bowen, co-curated by Rianne Zijderveld & Dean Bowen. You can read more information on TENT Rotterdam.

Szu-Yi Wang, Zi Xian, TENT Rotterdam, 2020-21. Photography by Aad Hoogendoorn.

April, 2020 

Foreshore 漫步潮閒 Online Premiere on 2nd April!

Welcome to immerse yourself with us on YenTing’s youtube channel

Developed with subtle gestures upon the minimal paper sculptures, this video interweaves a series of interpretations about the phenomenon among the moon and the tides, the strings and the vibration, the light and the shadow.
Among the melody and the movements, the lyrics and the performance, it's all about the narrative.

Foreshore 漫步潮閒 (official music video)
Concept Creation & Photography | SzuYi Wang
Editing | YenTing Lo
Production & Performance | SzuYi Wang & YenTing Lo

Foreshore is recorded in YenTing Lo's first album Epiphyllum.

September, 2019

Craft Council Nederlands started releasing the participants of HOW&WOW 2019!

Thanks for the beautiful introduciton by Craft Council Nederlands.

Dutch Design Week 2019, 19 – 27th October
VEEM, Eindhoven

September, 2019

See you soon in HOW&WOW at Dutch Design Week 2019!

Two folding series ‘Ritual upon the Papaer’ & ‘Shan yu Shu’ will be presented in during DDW 2019! Thank you Craft Council Nederlands for curating the show HOW&WOW.

Welcome to visit my latest craft seires and unfold the cultural imagination together:)

Dutch Design Week 2019, 19 – 27th October

VEEM, Eindhoven
Floor 2 | Torenallee 80, 5617 BE Eindhoven

11.00 – 18.00 hr

April, 2019 

Thanks all for visiting ‘The Hanzi Space’ during MOMO19

All encounters of exchanges and imagination are poems streaming into the hanzi space. We practice shaping the light as we practice depicting our landscape in mind.

Thank you all for making it happen. Slow wish to create, to perform for our city next time.

Tracing my visitors:

You used the verb 'wait' to depict the still light with the expected possibilities behind.
You moved the arms to show the open & close space of the flow.
You expected those miniatures become parts of the landscape for walking in.
You said their shadows swing slowly as if in the rhythm of shimmering light going through the leaves.
I listened to you reading your poetry regarding drifting and identities.

You said every stage is the communicative space; every in-/direct dialogue is a performance.
On Sunday morning, I listened to the song you sent to me: a soundscape folk written for the highway roundabout and the under reeds and pond.
You used a timeline to imagine the changing shapes of the life cycle.
I ask the photos from you, the message you collected from the piece and light.
We exchanged the ideas of the performance of languages.

Great thanks to Harry & MoMo Festival for your invitation with trust and kind professional help.
More ongoing research and urban miniature series are coming soon.

March, 2019

‘The Hanzi Space’ at Motel Mzaique Festival 2019, Rotterdam

Installation project ‘The Hanzi Space’ and following research miniatures are going to presented at Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg, during Motel Mozaique Festival (MOMO 19), Rotterdam.

During 18th - 20th April, You are all welcome to visit and immerse yourself in the shimmering boulevard/journey.

© SZU-YI WANG. 2022