Zi Xian at TENT

While language serves as the connector as well as the barrier;
While language serves as more the connector than the barrier

Year  |  2020 - 2021
Type  |  paper sculpture
Material  |  paper in kinds, light & shadow in movements

Presented in the exhibition 'Wat ik je nog wilde zeggen' (What else I wanted to tell you) co-curated by Rianne Zijderveld and city poet Dean Bowen at TENT Rotterdam. 

“A Hanzi is a poetry itself.”—Anke Bangma

Zi Xian, with a specific display unfolding the fragility and timelessness of languages as our tools, is invited to be part of the dialogues seeking the lost narrative and found forms of our languages.

More info will be updated soon.

Credit: Photo 1 by Szu-Yi Wang / Photo 2, 3, 5 by Aad Hoogendoorn / Photo 4 (video still) by Elyssio Ramos
“This expo has questioned my answers and answered questions. I now realize how fluid and transient language is...” —Amara van der Elst

Below you could find one of the video series Dichters over de taal van de stad responding to the exhibition.

Gedicht: Amara van der Elst
Organisatie: Paginagroots
Beeld: Elyssio Ramos
Muziek: Eetieeetds

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