Seeding Her Feet 

A spatial plan for artworks ‘Seeding my feets in the chant of bells’ by Mehraneh Atashi.

Year  |  2021
Type  | exhibition concept development & fabrication plan
Exhibition date |  11.09.2021 - 05.12.2021
Location  |  TENT Rotterdam, Netherlands

Concept & installations  |  Mehraneh Atashi
Spatial design development & fabrication plan  |  Szu-Yi Wang
Produciton team  |  TENT Rotterdam

The project is a spatial development for artist Mehraneh Atashi. The design is developed along the philosophy of Mehraneh’s works ‘Seeding my feets in the chant of bells’ (2021)—presented in the exhibition ‘Who Wants to Live in a World Without Magic?’ curated by Katayoun Arian at TENT Rotterdam. 
“There's resonating vibe among the pieces. All subtle movements and narrative vibrations (either conceptually or specifically) inhabit the gallerie room—the room for the healing vibe and all healed minds. Lovely to see people taking their time to immerse themselves in...” (Notes from Szu)

The collaboration is a journey of thinking along with her thoughts and developing the corresponding spatial gestures and narrative practice. And the realization is the process of knowing and learning from your artworks and spirit. 

Credit: Photo 1, 3-5 by Szu-Yi Wang / Photo 2, 6-11 by Aad Hoogendoorn 

There're light, shadows, spatial elements and subtle rituals as the languages we shared. The realization is the process of knowing and learning from your artworks and spirit.

After the title, perhaps there’s no need for further words to describe Mehr’s works, her concepts and her personality involved in the projects. My mind is like one of the seeds growing in the hexagon filled with soil; languages are sunken in the meandering micro paces, re-rooted, and gradually connected amid the chant of the bells.

_Notes from the designer


fabrication planning along with artist concept developments

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